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Supreme Court limits use of civil forfeiture by states

February 21, 2019

The Supreme Court unanimously decided to limit how states such as South Carolina use civil forfeiture. The ruling should have an immediate effect on law enforcement’s use of civil forfeiture in South Carolina, said Deborah Barbier, an attorney in Columbia who specializes in civil forfeiture cases. “Forfeiture is an incredibly powerful law enforcement tool. It must be used reasonably,” she said. “This case demonstrates that when law enforcement tries to overreach – the courts have the power to stop those abuses.” She called it a victory for the civil liberties of all Americans to be free from grossly disproportionate seizures...

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“Amazing Defense Work” by Barbier – The State

February 16, 2018

After Quinn’s probation, dismay, joy and wondering: What’s next? By John Monk February 16, 2018 04:34 PM, Updated February 16, 2018 05:56 PM COLUMBIA — South Carolina’s four-year-long investigation into State House corruption suffered an embarrassing black eye Monday, producing an eight-minute-long legal “whimper.” Former state Rep. Rick Quinn — whom a prosecutor dubbed the “worst of the worst” in the Legislature — was sentenced Monday to probation and community service, and the political strategy firm run by his GOP kingmaker father, Richard Quinn, was fined $2,500. Probation? A $2,500 fine? After the State Grand Jury last fall indicted...

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Barbier Appointed Special Prosecutor to Former Speaker of the House

February 9, 2016

“On the recommendation of House Legislative Ethics Committee attorney Deborah Barbier, the group ruled Harrell must repay the $113,475, as well as pay a $1,000 fine. Barbier also recommended the panel publicly reprimand Harrell.” View article

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The State Paper Interviews Debbie Barbier

January 30, 2012

Q & A Debbie Barbier: After sending criminals to jail, Barbier goes to law’s other side.

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Barbier is featured in the Star Profile of the Columbia Star

December 23, 2011

Criminal defense law office opens downtown Columbia attorney Debbie Barbier has been with the U. S. Attorney’s Columbia office for 15 years, where she has built an impressive history of courtroom victories on behalf of the American taxpayer. She has forced collections in fines and in restitutions, amounting to millions of dollars. And she has sent to prison criminals for the long haul, thieves who were trying to steal millions of dollars from all levels of government local, state, and federal. As of the first week in 2012, Barbier will remove herself from the U. S. Attorney’s quarters at 1441...

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Sentence of Former Finance Director of SC DSS.

June 8, 2010

Ex-DSS finance chief gets 10 years for fraud “He spent a good portion of it at strip clubs and nightclubs throughout the Columbia area,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Debbie Barbier, adding that Moore let some of the strippers keep all of the money from the checks they cashed. “There were a number of lives ruined because of this case. … It was a very senseless crime.” View Article

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Lake City Public Corruption Trial

October 15, 2008

Florence Morning news reports on Barbier’s opening statement in the Lake City public corruption trial. FLORENCE — Prosecutors promised the jury in the trial of a former Lake City police officer Wednesday they would get a glimpse into the drug world of Lake City and how she shielded the corrupt authorities. Assistant U.S. Attorney Debbie Barbier of the Columbia office said Shanita McKnight had power and was “absolutely corrupt.” Barbier is prosecuting the case with Assistant U.S. Attorney Alfred W. Bethea Jr. of the Florence office before U.S. District Court Judge Terry Wooten. The jury consists of six men and six...

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