Qui Tam Lawsuits

As the author of the Qui Tam chapter in the textbook, “South Carolina Damages,” Deborah is well aware of the complexities of relative federal statutes and the collateral consequences of FCA cases.

Representing Defendants in Qui Tam and Whistleblower Lawsuits

Deborah understands the investigative process and litigation under the False Claims Act (FCA) because she not only prosecuted these cases for the government, she held key positions and spearheaded the federal government’s efforts against fraud in South Carolina for more than fifteen years. As the author of the Qui Tam chapter in the textbook South Carolina Damages, Deborah has written extensively about the complexities of the federal statutes and the collateral consequences of FCA cases.

Using this insight in private practice, Deborah can advise you on effective litigation strategies. She has handled a wide variety of criminal and civil qui tam investigations in the areas of healthcare, defense contracting, and pharmaceuticals. With this vast experience, she is uniquely equipped to handle qui tams involving a wide range of issues from criminal fraud and abuse matters to private, internal corporate compliance issues. Deborah's approach is tailored to the type of matter she is handling and to each set of facts. Whether the case requires an aggressive litigation stance or cooperation with or a voluntary disclosure to the government, she is prepared to vigorously represent a client’s interests.

Deborah's aim is to obtain the most favorable and cost effective resolution for the client–either through litigation and trial, if necessary, or through an appropriate settlement. She has considerable experience in negotiating FCA settlements, Corporate Integrity Agreements (“CIAs”) and Deferred Prosecution Agreements. In addition, she has experience managing and dealing with whistleblowers and fully understands the sensitivity and judgment which must be exercised in this area.

Honors and Professional Recognition