Barbier Discusses ND v Chad Isaak on CourtTV

Deborah Barbier was recently a guest on CourtTV, discussing the case of ND v Chad Isaak. The defendant, Chad Isaak, a 44 year old Chiropractor, is accused of murdering four people at RJR Maintenance & Management on Apr. 1, 2019. RJR is a family-owned business that maintains apartment buildings & homes, including the trailer park where Isaak lived. The victims included the co-owner and three employees. Police won’t comment on a motive, and previous owners called Isaak “model tenant.” The prosecutor says Isaak planned the crime. He picked up shell casings; changed his clothes; and drove off in a company vehicle while leaving his car parked in a McDonald’s parking lot. There’s a surveillance video of him from McDonald’s. Isaak has no criminal record. Read more about the trial on CourtTV.

See Debbie’s interview about the case here.

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